Casino themed party



There is nothing like having your guests walk up the red carpet as they enter your own private casino.

Red carpet and bollards with red rope are available and create that “wow factor” to greet your guests.

Banners are also available to create a theme or to help accentuate your theme event. We recently had a returning customer ask for a Wild West" theme. We felt our current eqipement was too "modren" so Instead of creating banners and using our bright blue tables, we created new tables to fit in with their specific requirements. At this stage we haven't told our client yet but we are sure they will be pleasantly surprised.
If you have a themed event coming up and want to incorporate casino tables, give us a call to see how we can help. We may (as with our Wild West) create whole tables especially for you.


Dealers will usually wear black and whites, but sometimes more appropriate apparel to suit the theme.

Our themed banners include:


  • Las Vegas, banners showing the excitement of Las Vegas.
  • Roaring 20’s, banners featuring gangsters, flappers and nostalgic scenes from the roaring 1920’s.
  • psychedelic 70’s, banners featuring hippies, flares, V8 cars, music, swirling patterns and everything we remember from the 1970's
  • James Bond, popular banners offering a Casino Royale style atmosphere.
  • Cocktails, colourful scenes of cruise ships and islands, with giant cocktail images.
  • Horror, something unusual if you can’t think of anything else, vampires, zombies and blood and guts.
  • Wild West. Instead of banners (as they are too modern) we change our tables for this theme, Wild West with guns, rifles and Sheriffs to keep the peace.



Casino theme parties and events