Next fundraising event is Suncoast Hinterland Softball Association.

The event will be held at the clubhouse at Mooloolah valley on 18th November 2017. Details are still to be finalised. The page link will be posted soon. Best to enquire with the organisers or call us. Click Here.


Casino Sunshine Coast

Fun casino's can help to raise money for your registered charity or sports organisation. Below is some information to help you with yur decisions on how to run your event. You will notice that we freely offer this information whilst other companies may ask you to call or email them for info.

We may not be able to offer fundraising functions from mid November till the end of the year due to our existing corporate commitments.


Fundraising / Charity Events

Wild Diamonds fun casino will charge you a set fee to provide casino entertainment at you event. Your guests purchase tickets that cover the event costs. You would usually include some ‘fun money’ for each guest to cash in at the tables for free casino chips to get them started. Once they have spent their free chips, they can then purchase more from one of your staff members for a donation. We will supply you with customised ‘fun money’ for this purpose.

Wild Diamonds Fun casino offers charities and fundraising events a discounted rate between January and October ( inclusive). Our minimum requirement for these rates is 3 tables and our businesses are considered major sponsors for advertising reasons. We also ask to be included by name in any of your promotional materials when advertising your event.

Fundraising Ideas :-

 Some local businesses will sponsor charity evenings. They can do this by sponsoring a casino table. In return you can promote their company on the table or within the room with their signage, or include their names on the event tickets, fun money and / or other brochures etc. Don’t forget to include them in your thank you speech at the end of your event.
At the beginning of the evening, you can invite people to buy Roulette numbers from the Roulette wheel (similar to buying raffle tickets). When the croupier does the first spin of the evening, the player with the winning number receives a bonus amount of ‘Fun Money’.
Important Information  

  • It is your responsibility to nominate a chosen member in the selling of Fun Money Vouchers
  • It is your responsibility to organise the sale of ‘fun money’. Wild Diamonds staff can not have any involvement in the handling of cash, only ‘fun money’ is to be exchanged at the gaming tables
  • Wild Diamonds will charge a set fee for the hire of the entertainment & will not make any monetary gains from the money raised.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all monies raised after overheads have been met, is donated to your nominated cause.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that no prizes won at the event are determined through the use of fun money, chips, tokens etc. Similarly, these cannot be used to make bids in any auction of donated goods at any time during the event.

Do I need a licence to hold a fun casino?

No licence is required for a fun casino, nobody can make personal gain from any funds raised. It is a charity event, and that the sole reason for attending is not to win a prize from the gaming tables. 

If you are charging people to attend the event, the Fun Casino must not be the only "inducement to attend", it must be combined with a dinner, a disco, a social etc.  All proceeds taken, after expenses have been deducted, must to go towards your chosen charity. No monies can be used for personal gain.  

At a charity fundraiser , the organiser may include ‘fun money’ as part of the entrance ticket and top-ups of "Fun money" can be sold during the course of the event by the event organiser. They are then taken to the gaming tables to be exchanged for chips.

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino will never handle any cash at an event. The only payment we receive is for the contracted hire of our tables, equipment and staff which is settled before the event takes place. 

Please click on the link below which will take you to the Queensland Governerment website which has material and documents for download in relation to Fun Casino Nights.


Wild Diamonds is proud to have worked with many Charities over the years including:

Cancer Council

Leukenia Foundation

Sunny Kids


Team Adem

and many smaller worthwhile causes including sports clubs and school fundraising.

Wild Diamonds is proud to have been able to work with the following organistions. Please click on the logo to make a donation at thier website.


Youngcare is committed to helping young Aussies with high care needs live life with choice, independence and dignity.

The Sunshine Coast 4xfun event raises money for the Sunnykids Charity

Bribie Golf club holds fund raising events for various charities.

Team Adem is a Fund Raising organisation supporting Blood Cancer research

Dragons Abreast is a Dragon Boat racing orgaisation supporting Breast Cancer research

Smiling for Smiddy is a sports orientated fundraisier for Cancer research

Cancer Coucil of Australia

Leukemia Foundation