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Welcome to the Dicky Beach Surf Club

"Casino Royale Night"



6:00 pm 10th March 2018

Forget Brisbane, forget the RSL or the local pub, Saturday March 10th 2018 is the night that Caloundra becomes "Casino Royale", and you will want to be there! Viva ‘Dicky Vegas’!

Doesn't matter whether you play like James Bond or Austin Powers, we ensure you will have fun at this James Bond themed Casino Party.

All funds raised go to supporting our Summer Surf Girl entrant. Jess Simpson! Click here

If you have already bought your tickets, you are in for a night of fun filled Casino Royale themed entertainment. After walking the red carpet, you will be greeted by a fun casino. Somewhere in the room will be the Vegas Showgirls so catch up with them for a photo.

Funds raised go to the Summer Surf Girl charity entrant from Dicky Beach, Jess Simpson. Your $60.00 entrance fee will include $500 of fun money to play on the casino tables, and more fun money can be purchased on the night for a nominal fee which also goes to the charity. Anyone can play, and if you have never been to a casino, this is the event to be at. If you don't want to play the games, there will be music, dancing, raffles and plenty of socialising. (Some drinks and food are included in the entry fee)

Below is some information about the games that will be available to play on the night, you can't lose any money so come and have a go. At the end of the night we will award a trophy to the High Roller of the evening.

To purchase tickets to this event, please click on Logo above or call the Surf Club on 07 5491 5742

Only $60.00 for a great night of entertainment!! In support of a great Charity

Jess Simpson


How to play the Casino games.


So you are planning to attend the Dicky Beach Surf Club Casino Fun Night. You are here because you have no idea what it is about.

Don't worry, you are with 95% of Australia. Fun Casino parties were relatively unheard of in Australia until recently. Given that so little is known about what we do, here are some instructions on how to play the games and also how our fun casino nights work.

On arrival, you (the guest) will be given some fun money by the host of your event. When the casino tables open, it is just like a real casino except there is no real money to lose. You take your $500 Fun Money note to any of the Casino tables to be changed for chips. You can then play at any of the tables for the duration of the event. If you run out of fun money but want to keep on playing, you can purchase another note for a small donation to support Jess Simpson.

At the end of the casino, we ask all participants to return their chips to the tables.

We count the value of the chips held by each player and a trophy is awarded to the ‘High Roller’, the player that has won the most money throughout the evening.

If you are not sure how to play the games, our friendly croupiers can give you a brief lesson. But if you want to get a head start on your competition for the trophy, please read below. For instructions and details of the games please click on the picture of the game you would like to learn about.



Blackjack night fun

Blackjack is a card game played against the dealer. Similar to pontoon or 21 as most people would call it. Try to get as close to 21 as you can without going over, and make sure your total is higher than the dealer. Please click on the above image to learn how to play in more detail.



Roulette Fun Casino

Roulette is a game of chance with players placing bets on a layout with the winning bets determined by a ball landing in a numbered division of the Roulette Wheel. Please click on the above image to learn how to play in detail.


Money Wheel:

Money Wheel Big Wheel, chocolate wheel

The Money Wheel is also sometimes referred to as the Big Wheel, Chocolate Wheel or Big Six. It is a simple game where you bet on which segment of the wheel will stop at the top. The number that stops is the winning number and pays the same odds. This is often the game of chioce for guests who have never been to a casino before as it is not overly complicated. Please click on the above image to learn how to play.